Common Reasons Behind Drain Blockages

Considerable percentage of drain lines in the United States are more than fifty years old, so, they often get blocked and cause flood like scenes. Plus, earthquakes and storms end up ruining drainage structures which are already weak. There can be several other reasons behind blocked drain. Let’s take a look at some of them.

-Problems caused due to newly constructed house in locality

Builders face several issues while constructing drain lines for new houses and offices due to lack of space. Somehow, most of them fail to construct drainage system which can withstand debris, waste thrown by people, heavy storm and rain water and earthquakes.

In-case if you realize that your toilet, sink or bathroom is draining slowly since the construction of any new house in your locality, you should immediately call a plumbing repair service provider to inspect the drain line.

-Leakages in underground drains can trigger diseases

Sewer chambers and drain lines which are visible to us can be repaired easily. However, leakages in underground drain pipes often go unnoticed till the leakage water starts reaching the surface and causes flooding. Blocked drains are unhygienic, and they can spread dirty and weird smell in the concerned area. Leakages in underground drainage pipes create filthy treasure for insects like cockroaches. They can thrive in these pipes, multiply faster, and then create trouble for houses in the locality.

To avoid this trouble, it is advisable to not to ignore leaking pipes, and slow drain lines. Sewer or drainage inspection with video camera can help in detecting underground leakages without unnecessary digging. Several Sewer line repair service providers offer this service. This inspection is also recommended in-case of bathroom or kitchen sink’s relocation. Our website provides info about  drain line cleaning Idaho Falls

-Waste food drained down the line

Unknowingly, everyday, considerable amount of food pieces and cooking grease enters the drain line from kitchen sink. These small pieces of food keep on accumulating on the pipe’s surface from inside, and start creating blockages. To avoid this, you should remove the entire food residue from dishes before putting them inside the dish washer/ sink. Use drain grates and covers wherever necessary.

After washing all the dishes, you should pour baking soda followed by hot water in the kitchen sink in-order to keep the sink and its pipes clean.

-Excess water entering drain lines during storm

Storms cause serious damages to the sewage system. Almost everything, from dirt, dead animals, dead leaves, cables and even cars are found stuck inside sewers and drainage channels after storms. So, you should carefully inspect drain lines after storms. Try to opt for video inspection of sewer if you find anything suspicious in the drainage after storms.


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